Stainless Steel Fabrication & Metalwork

Here at Fox’s Marina & Boatyard, our Stainless department offers an extensive range of high quality stainless steel fabrication and metalwork services that are tailored to meet your requirements.

Our services include design and engineering, fabrication, polishing, machining and more. We can also make repairs and modifications to aluminium and steel vessels using our state of the art, certified and coded welders.

With our own, in-house design expertise, we can create literally anything you require. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements further.

We work on all boats of any size, make and model, so whether you have a fleet of vessels requiring stainless steel components, a one-off project or insurance repair work, we offer a competitive solution tailor-made to your exact requirements.

And, because we understand that it isn’t always possible to get your vessel to our boatyard, we also operate a mobile welding, polishing, and tube work service, in addition to emergency repairs. So, wherever you are and whatever you need, you can rest assured that our expert team will be ready and able to help.

Our Design & Engineering Team

We specialise in the design and engineering of stainless steel and metal components for leisure boats, yachts, and more.

Our talented and highly skilled team can design and engineer parts such as stemhead fittings, deck fittings, mast fittings, bow rollers, stanchions and chain plates, as well as stern pulpits, handrails, boarding ladders, sprayhood and bimini frames, radar posts, and much more. In addition to this, we can also fabricate bespoke stainless steel fuel and water tanks.

If you require any further information about our Design and Engineering services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our dedicated team is ready and waiting to assist.


We design and manufacture custom fabrications of high quality marine components in stainless steel and aluminium, for some of the UK’s most prestigious yacht builders as well as private yacht owners. Our fabrications can be found on yachts made by leading boat builders, including Oyster Yachts, Spirit Yachts, Gunfleet yachts and Southampton Yacht Services.

When it comes to all aspects of fabrication, our highly skilled and experienced team is fully equipped with the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to fabricate bespoke components that will meet your specific requirements and also meet, if not exceed, industry standards.

For further information about our fabrication services or to discuss your project in more detail, please get in touch with the team at Fox’s Stainless.


When it comes to your yacht or commercial craft, it’s understandable that you want to keep it looking and performing to the highest possible standard.

With this in mind, we offer a metal polishing service that will restore your rusty fixtures and fittings for optimum performance and finish.
We understand that it isn’t always possible to get your vessel to our boatyard, so we offer a mobile polishing service to ensure we can meet your needs wherever you are.

For further information about our Polishing services, or to discuss your project further, please do not hesitate to contact Fox’s Stainless.


Here at Fox’s Marina & Boatyard, we offer a professional, high quality machining service that will meet all your requirements.
Through our machining techniques, we are able to engineer components such as P-brackets and rudders bearings to the fine tolerances of their original design.

We are committed to delivering the best possible work with each and every job we undertake. Whatever its size, every job is processed by our expert team, following our strict quality control procedures.

For further information about our machining services, or to discuss your requirements further, please get in touch.

Sprayhoods and Biminis

Working in conjunction with the world’s leading yacht builders and sailmakers, Fox’s has developed the very best sprayhood and bimini solutions.

Sturdy stainless frames that fold away when not required, support perfectly tailored spray hoods, biminis and tensile awnings – avoiding all of the common problems of sagging, collecting rainwater, flogging and reduced visibility.

Whether you require a completely new spray hood, a fixed or folding bimini designed and installed, modifications made to existing frames or canvas work, or some simple repairs to bent stainless tube or damaged fittings – please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Radar Arches, Gantries & Communication Poles

Our talented team can design and manufacture radar arches, gantries and communication poles for leisure and commercial boats.

We have designed and engineered bespoke gantries to accept SatCom domes, communication antenna, navigation/flood lighting, solar panels, wind turbines and custom lifting requirements.

All our radar arches and gantries can be designed and manufactured to meet your specific needs and expectations, whether it is to provide additional capacity, safe deck working or clear a new davit installation.

For more information or to discuss your own project in more detail, please get in touch.


If you are considering a prodder or bowsprit to allow a Code 0 or similar reaching/downwind sail to be flown clear of the forestay and pulpit that can be safely handled using a top down/tension stay or similar system – please do give the team at Fox’s Stainless a call.

We have developed a range of solutions using both fabricated stainless, carbon fibre and alloy bowsprits and have first hand experience of the best furling system to suit an existing or new downwind sail.

Stanchions & Boarding Gates

All our new stanchions are engineered from stainless steel, hard coated anodized alloy or titanium to ensure that they not only offer aesthetic appeal, but also that they are resistant to marine corrosion, providing long-lasting performance and cosmetic finish.

If you require modification or repair to existing stanchions, a new set to match those originally fitted, or to discuss a specific project further, please get in touch.

Pulpits & Pushpits

At Fox’s Marina & Boatyard, our skilled and experienced team can repair or replace your existing pulpit or pushpit using marine grade stainless steel to withstand the testing demands of a saltwater environment.

All of our custom made stainless steel pulpits are expertly made to your exact specification and finished and polished to the highest possible standards.

In addition to conventional pushpits and pulpits, we are also able to manufacture deck rails, granny bars and grab handles for vessels of almost any size.

If you require any further information about our fabrication services, or to discuss your requirements further, please get in touch.

Custom Fixtures & Fittings

Whatever your requirements, whether it’s a single cup holder, new folding cockpit table or a complete stainless fittings package for a new or refitted yacht, the skilled team at Fox’s can design and manufacture a bespoke fixture or fitting to the highest quality as seen on some of the world’s most prestigious blue water, cruising yachts.


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