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We provide a professional, worldwide rigging service to private clients and major yacht builders, encompassing a complete range of rigging services. As main dealers for all of the main brands, including Seldén, Lewmar, Harken and Spinlock, we hold an extensive stock of fittings, rod, wire and rope, including Gleisten, Marlow and Maffioli.

Servicing and supplying rigging to yachts all over the world, Fox’s has re-rigged yachts and stepped masts in countries as far away as the United States, Singapore, Malta, Gibraltar, Spain and Hong Kong among many others. In recognition of our reputation and expertise, we have been recognised as an Authorised Service Centre for Harken Rigging.

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Our Rigging Team

Our loyal workforce is our greatest asset and we’re proud to have one of the most experienced and highly skilled rigging teams in the country. Experts in rigging for all forms of sailing yachts, including modern cruisers, race yachts, classic yachts and sailing dinghies, we’re fully equipped to help you, whatever your requirements. So, whether you’re looking for a basic rig check or a fully customised electric or hydraulic rigging package, please do get in touch.

Standing Rigging

Standing Rigging is the key structural element of any mast and usually constructed from stainless steel in order to ensure it is robust and durable against the demanding conditions it will face at sea.

At Fox’s, we have extensive experience in all forms of stainless steel wire and rod rigging, as well as the higher performance composite fibre rigging options.

Offering the largest rod cold heading and wire roll swaging machines on the east coast, we can deal with any re-rig enquiry quickly and efficiently both on or off site.

Our highly skilled riggers have years of experience and, with our tools, equipment, and undercover workshop facilities, they can ensure that all spar and standing rigging work is completed to the highest possible standard whatever the weather.
Of course, with multiple departments under one roof, our services don’t stop there – if you need assistance with spar painting, rewiring, electronics, stainless fabrication, or anything in between, our skilled and experienced in-house teams are here on site, ready and waiting to help.

Running Rigging

Here at Fox’s, we can supply, repair and maintain all forms of running rigging – from easy to handle dock lines to high tech, low stretch halyards and control lines.

Committed to delivering optimum quality and performance, we work closely with a number of the industry’s leading manufacturers in order to select the right rope for your needs, budget, and vessel. We are proud to work alongside brands such as Gleisten and Marlow and are one of the UK’s few stockists of Gottifredi Maffioli race ropes.

Furling Systems

As any experienced sailor will know, when it comes to sail control, a high performance, free running, headsail or mainsail furling system can make all the difference, allowing shorthanded racers and cruisers to furl large sails safely, without leaving the cockpit.

The latest generation of top down furlers, utilising torsion stays and lightweight line drivers/bearings, has brought additional convenience to handling downwind and asymmetric sails.

Fox’s can service, install and detail all types of furling systems – advising on the best system to suit your boat, be it manual or powered.

Masts & Spars

At Fox’s Marina & Boatyard, we can offer an extensive range of masts and spars in aluminium, carbon fibre and wood. From designing, building and fitting new or replacement masts and booms, to developing a custom bluewater pole system or simplifying a complex reefing system, our experienced rigging team is fully equipped to install, repair and maintain all types of mast and spars.

Fox’s is proud to be recognised as one of three Advanced Technical Centres for Seldén, allowing the specification, supply and installation of Seldén products from individual spares, to complete rigging packages.

And, because your project will be overseen by a hands-on manager with the resources of all Fox’s departments at their fingertips, you can rest assured that you will receive the best advice based on knowledge, and bringing innovative solutions via clear and transparent quotations.

Hydraulics & Rig Control Systems

Rig control hydraulics allow you to control loads effectively, efficiently and safely, in order to optimise the performance and speed of your yacht.

We offer an extensive range of hydraulic rigging services and solutions, encompassing everything from the service of self-contained back stay tensioners, installation of remote control panels to fully integrated powered systems. Whether your yacht is used for racing or cruising, state-of-the art or a true classic, our specialist rigging team can advise, install, and maintain the hydraulic equipment you need to enhance the performance, convenience and safety of your vessel.

Working closely with manufacturers and local industrial service partners, we can provide 24hr emergency hose replacement and hydraulic ram servicing as well as longer term planned maintenance and refit solutions.

Alongside hydraulic control systems, modern rope and low friction block/eye technology mean that multi purchase/cascade arrangements are often lighter and offer a practical alternative to controlled adjustment of high loads. If you have always wanted your outhaul to outhaul, you mainsheet to have a little more grunt or a specific control to be easily adjustable by hand – come and speak to the experts at Fox’s!

NDT Testing

When rigging fails, it can do so without warning and with disastrous results. Lack of maintenance, continued cycling and/or poor articulation in fittings can all lead to catastrophic failure of wire or rod rigging.

Whilst an experienced eye may be able to pick up visible faults, depending on the history and application, it may also be appropriate to employ additional methods of testing to determine if flaws are present.

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) using dye testing, electrical resistive testing or X-ray allows the testing of bespoke components where routine inspection and or replacement may not be cost effective.

Rig Surveys

Maintaining your rig in optimum condition is essential. Although many older rigs may look fine to the untrained eye, there can be less obvious signs that signify that it’s time for a full rig inspection and service. Our rigging survey services will help you to identify any potential maintenance issues, the best course of action to address any problems and at the same time consider any possible upgrades.

We understand that nothing is more important to a yachtsman than the integrity of his rig, so whenever a yacht is brought into our boatyard for work or storage involving a de-rig, our expert team will be happy to carry out a rig survey and report accordingly.

Alternatively we regularly travel to inspect and survey rigs off site and report on any rigging work that may be required.

Deck Gear - Service & Solutions

Our experienced team can offer advice, service, make modifications and install deck gear to suit any type of cruising or racing yacht.

With expertise and practical training on of all the relevant suppliers equipment including Seldén, Lewmar, Spinlock and Harken, we are well placed to assist you with making improvements or maintaining your deck gear.

Racing Yachts

If you are racing your yacht, reliability, security and performance are key to you and your crew’s safety and enjoyment. Fox’s is the preferred base for various high profile projects and as a long term authorised Service Partner to the Oyster World Rally, Fox’s is experienced at providing worldwide regatta and event support.

Over the years, Fox’s has built, rigged and maintained many state of the art racing yachts and equally competitive classic yachts. Our knowledge and ability to provide quick and precise solutions to any campaign is second to none.

We carry significant rigging stock and can produce bespoke standing and running rigging solutions, in a variety of materials, at short notice.

Whether you’re a weekend club racer, or organising an international campaign we have extensive experience of the latest ‘go fast’ products to help you achieve victory. We’re also proud to be one of the few stockists in the UK of Gottifredi Maffioli race ropes, renowned for using the best combinations of Dyneema, Kevlar, Zylon and Vectran to suit specifc handling needs.

Cruising Yachts

High quality is just as crucial for cruising yachts as it is for racing yachts.
Here at Fox’s we supply, fit and repair high performance deck gear and running and standing rigging on cruising yachts of all sizes . Most of this work has been gained from our experience and reutation in supplying and fitting out some of the world’s greatest offshore cruising yachts, including Gunfleet and Oyster.

As main dealers for all the main rigging brands including Lewmar, Seldén, Harken and Spinlock, we have an extensive stock of fittings, wire and rope including Gleistein, Marlow and Maffioli. With a highly skilled and experienced in-house rigging team, you can rest assured that we will meet your cruising needs, whatever they may be.

Classic Yachts

When it comes to your classic yacht, authenticity matters just as much as performance, particularly when it comes to ropes and rigging.

Whether you require contemporary styled rope for a classic restoration, authentic wire rigging for a historic ship, or anything in between, our specialist yacht team is fully equipped with the knowledge and experience to help. We can advise on and supply a full range of fittings, rope and wire that will blend seamlessly with the teak decks, wooden spars and polished bronze of any classic yacht.

Architectural Rigging

The Fox’s rigging service doesn’t stop with yacht masts – we are highly adaptable and able to design and deliver for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

From bespoke balustrading, to tension spans for industrial roof trusses, we are able to produce a range of architectural fittings in various materials.

Working closely with our in house stainless steel fabrication department and other key suppliers, we are able to manufacture bespoke product for both marine and architectural customers.

Rigging Careers at Fox's Marina & Boatyard

We are always pleased to hear from anyone interested in joining our Rigging Team at Fox’s Marina & Boatyard, particularly if you have experience in any of the services we offer or you’re keen to build on the skills you already have in a trainee role.

See our Careers Page for details of our current vacancies or please send us your CV along with details of relevant experience and qualifications to foxs@foxsmarina.com and we’ll be pleased to let you know when a vacancy becomes available.

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