Marine Engineering

Regular servicing of all marine engineering systems is essential to ensure that your boat or yacht performs safely, reliably, and to optimum capacity. At Fox’s Marina & Boatyard, we offer a comprehensive marine engineering service including the supply, installation, repair, and overhaul of all engines and equipment. So, whatever you need, from a simple steering system check, to a complete new engine installation we’re ready and waiting to help.

As well as assisting with on-going service and maintenance, treating any issues as they occur, our team of experienced engineers can help you to minimise the risk of failure or problems occurring through our regular service programme. Of course, with multiple departments under one roof, our services don’t stop there – if you need assistance with marine electronics, rigging, stainless fabrication, or anything in between, our skilled and experienced in-house teams are ready and waiting to help.

Engineering Services

At Fox’s Marina & Boatyard, we are experts when it comes to all aspects of marine engineering. Our dedicated engineering team is fully equipped with the skills, experience and knowledge to handle generator and engine winterisations, marine engine repair, spares or replacement, generators, propellers and rope cutters, ancillary services, and more.

And, because we understand that sometimes it isn’t possible to get your vessel to our boatyard when she’s in need of some engineering attention, we can come to you. Our engineers have the tools and equipment to visit your boat or yacht, wherever she is in the world. For further information about our extensive range of engineering services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Engine & Generator Installation

Engines and generators are one of the key components of any yacht or motorboat, allowing you to enjoy efficient, safe, and hassle-free sailing and boating. With this in mind, it’s vital that your engine and generator are installed correctly by experienced and skilled marine engineers who understand the essentials such as sound attenuation and vibration control as well as manufacturer’s requirements on exhaust back pressure, correct raw water cooling and anti-syphon control.

Our boatyard’s qualified engineers can advise on and install brand new engines and generators to yachts and motorboats of all shapes and sizes. With extensive experience of all types of craft and their systems from day boats to superyachts, including power, sail and commercial vessels, we will confidently recommend and install the most suited equipment for your application. We are qualified, experienced and happy to install all major brands of marine engine and generating sets, working with local dealer networks to ensure competitive pricing and the best possible service.

Marine Servicing

Regular equipment servicing is essential to ensure that your vessel performs safely, reliably, and to optimum capacity. Our dedicated marine engineering team provides a regular service programme, including annual servicing, detailed checking, winterisation and on-going repair and maintenance, which will help you to reduce the risk of engineering failure or malfunction.

We are committed to delivering the best possible standards of service and regularly travel to vessels in the UK and overseas, so if you can’t make it to us, our engineers have the tools and equipment to tend to your vessel wherever she lies. If you require any additional services, such as marine electrics, fabrication or metal work, rigging, commercial and workboat services, or sprayshop and finishing services, please let us know – we are confident that our multi-skilled, in-house team will be able to accommodate your requests.


Bow thrusters dramatically enhance boat handling and manoeuvrability, making using your boat easier, safer, and more enjoyable! With marinas becoming increasingly crowded, bow thrusters are vital to ensure that you can manoeuvre and dock your vessel with the minimum risk of damaging yours or anyone else’s boat. So why not make parking easier by having a bow and/or stern thruster installed on your vessel?

Whether your current bow or stern thruster requires servicing, or you’d like to retrofit a new or additional bow or stern thruster, our dedicated Marine Engineering team is fully equipped with the knowledge, skills, and experience to help. We work closely alongside the industry’s leading manufacturers in order to supply bow and stern thrusters of the highest quality and maintain them effectively.


Modern watermakers are becoming very efficient and can turn undrinkable salt water into an unlimited supply of pure, fresh, drinking water. A well-designed, well-maintained and installed watermaker will significantly enhance comfort and hygiene whilst on board your vessel. Watermakers offer a whole host of benefits, including significantly reducing your water burden, extending your range, saving you money in foreign ports, and providing a safe, constant, and emergency water source.

If you’re looking to invest in your first watermaker, thinking of upgrading your current solution, or your watermaker requires maintenance, our team of marine engineers can help.

Tank & Fluid Management

Within your vessel there are a number of tanks that are crucial to the safe and efficient running of the boat. Fuel, oil, fresh, grey and black water tanks and their associated systems.

Here at Fox’s, we are fully equipped to design, manufacture, supply, install, and maintain existing or new tankage to suit all requirements and optimise your cruising comfort and options. Be it stainless, welded plastic, flexible/bladder or GRP/composite tanks – we can supply, install, and maintain any additional components you might need, including level gauges and management systems, deck fillers, connection kits and inspection lids, etc.


Fox’s can provide experienced and engineered marine plumbing solutions from sales to installation, in addition to repairs to all of the industry’s major brands, be it in copper, PVC or flexible hose. Whether you require a new system or urgent repairs, our in-house team are experienced and ready to help. We can also provide routine plumbing inspections, on or off site, in order to identify any potential problems and take preventative measures before a problem occurs.

If you want to avoid any vessel disruption or potential damage to marine equipment and the environment, it’s vital that your boat’s plumbing and pipe fitting requirements are met effectively, efficiently, and safely. After all, a plumbing failure in any on-board system can be, at best, inconvenient, at worst, disastrous.

Seacocks & Skin Fittings

Seacocks and through hull fittings work together, ensuring your vessel and its systems operate and remain seaworthy. Any skin fittings that are below the waterline should be fitted with a suitable seacock so that they can be isolated as required. Through hull fittings and seacocks require regular maintenance and careful checking to ensure they remain sound and secure.

We specialise in the supply, fit and repair of seacocks and skin fittings. As well as advising you on the most appropriate products to meet your requirements, our team can also offer advice on both traditional bronze and modern plastic equivalents, flush faired fittings for racing and the rationalisation/redesign of through hull fittings and systems generally.

Stern Gear

As with all moving parts, stern gear in particular is subject to wear and tear, operating out of sight in a relatively harsh environment. Signs of possible problems include: leaking seals, excessive grease usage, vibration and noise. It is important to manage any changes to avoid associated problems with engine mounts and drive couplings.

Here at Fox’s Marina & Boatyard, we have a great deal of experience when it comes to installing, maintaining and replacing stern gear, stern glands, thrust bearings and CV joint/flexible couplings. And, if we come across any other issues that need to be addressed, our multiple, on-site departments can help deal with the problem quickly and efficiently.


Today, everyone’s homes are centrally heated, so why should your boat be any different? Heating isn’t just about keeping warm; it also helps to prevent any damp and associated mould and mildew issues that will affect fittings, furnishings and electrical equipment.

From winter layup to fully installed diesel heating – Fox’s marine engineers are fully trained and skilled to deal with all aspects of heating installation, maintenance, and repair. So, whether you need a whole new heating system, some repairs, or simply some general maintenance, our dedicated marine engineering team is fully equipped to assist.

Air Conditioning

Installing a high performance air conditioning system will allow you to maintain a pleasant atmosphere on board and keep cool below deck, no matter what the weather outside. Whether you are simply trying to stay cool in a tropical paradise, or running a commercial project in an extreme location – air conditioning can make a real difference to quality of life on board and everyone’s enjoyment.

Working alongside some of the leading manufacturers in the industry, we are highly trained, skilled, and experienced in the installation, repair, and maintenance of everything from self-contained air-conditioning systems through to large chiller systems. We’ll provide you with impartial advice on the best options for your vessel and install or repair your system quickly, efficiently, and safely.



At Fox’s Marina & Boatyard, our specialist team of highly qualified marine engineers is able to supply, install and maintain all hydraulic systems – from bespoke commercial installations to off-the-shelf manufacturer’s equipment – we can provide a solution to any marine hydraulic problem.

Working closely with leading manufacturers and local service partners, we can provide 24hr emergency hose replacement and hydraulic ram servicing as well as longer term planned maintenance and refit solutions. With a wealth of experience of all types of craft and their systems, including power and sail, private and commercial vessels, covering everything from commercial launches to superyachts, self-contained actuators to more complex engine or electrically driven power packs, we can help design, specify and install systems and ensure they continues to perform to the highest possible standard.


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