Race Preparation & Support

When you’re racing, it’s vital that your yacht is optimised and measured to offer the best possible rating, whilst delivering maximum boat speed in a range of conditions.

Whether you’re enjoying a spot of weekend racing or preparing for a long distance event, reliability is key as is ensuring that your vessel is fully prepared and supported.

We specialise in race yacht preparation and support. Whether you need help with keel fairing and hull sanding through to deck system optimisation, our highly skilled and dedicated team will work closely with you to identify the best solutions for your racing objectives and your budget.

Our Racing History

When it comes to race preparation and support, Fox’s Marina & Boatyard has a rich and successful history gained over many decades of experience in providing race support for high profile campaigns. With multiple, in-house departments, state-of-the-art on-site facilities, and partnerships with some of the industry’s leading manufacturers, we have earned a reputation for providing exemplary race preparation and support services that meet our customers’ needs.

The Oystercatchers

We have a great deal of experience and proven results when it comes to the preparation of any race boats and the latest Humphreys 39, Oystercatcher XXXI, is no exception. In her first Caribbean season, she was overall Class winner in both the Heineken and St Bart’s international regattas.

Oystercatcher’s hull and deck mouldings were completely fitted out and painted at Fox’s, with appendages, engineering systems, electronics, deck gear and rigging all installed by the Fox’s in-house team.

Oystercatcher XXXI follows a long line of Oystercatchers that have competed in numerous UK championships and most of the major inshore and offshore races, all of which have been rigged and prepared for racing here at Fox’s Marina and Boatyard.


Hull & Foil Profiling & Finishing

At Fox’s, we have the skills and experience to advise and assist you with the best and most practical hull and foil profiling, preparation and finishing options. From polished epoxy to effective antifouling we can assist with the right solution to suit your racing.

Rig Tuning for Performance

It is important to have a correctly trimmed rig, particularly when racing. After all, boats with badly trimmed rigs are slower, point lower, heel more, make more leeway, and are more difficult to steer.

Tuning your rig ensures that it is perfectly positioned and equipped to optimise your vessel’s speed and performance during racing. The Fox’s team has the skills, experience and expertise to successfully tune your rig, making your yacht totally race-ready, whether you’re embarking on your first weekend race or you’re setting sail on a long distance adventure. We can also optimise rig control and deck gear solutions as well as offering a range of other rigging services both on and off site.

Deck Gear

Your yacht’s deck gear plays a central role in any racing environment. Whether you have a deck gear package that needs replacing or some of your controls aren’t performing to the highest possible standard, we offer a range of racing deck gear solutions that call upon the latest hardware and ideas to make your yacht easier and safer to handle.

We understand that every yacht is different and work hard to design deck gear solutions that meet your specific requirements, taking into account the type of vessel and the sort of racing you are embarking upon.

Race Preparation

Our race preparation services ensure that you have the best possible chance of a successful race and get the most out of your time on the water. Allowing our specialist team to set up your yacht correctly, you’ll notice an immediate improvement in terms of boat speed, manoeuvring and crew performance. Ensuring that you’ve got the right equipment, properly set up for the job, will also minimise the chances of gear failure at a crucial time during your race.

Support Services

In addition to getting your boat in the optimum condition prior to the racing season, we can also provide support services during the regatta season. Whatever you need, our dedicated mobile team can be on hand to assist.


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