Caduceus Amel 54 Custom Stern Arch

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When Martin Bevan needed a solution for a custom stern arch for his Amel 54 he turned to Fox’s Stainless.  Working side by side with Fox’s Stainless, problems were quickly solved and redesigns generated efficiently.  The main criteria was removal of the davitts and replacement with an all encompassing structure to hold Martin’s Rib, BP solar panels (which have to be able to tilt), MarineX wind generators, Thrane & Thrane Satellite Fleetbroadband 250 and Yachtspot WiFi Antenna.

The design needed to allow for the lowering and launching of Martin’s Rib by a single person and when moored “stern to” in a marina Martin would need to walk underneath it to exit the yacht from the stern.

Custom jobs such as this are complex and all of Fox’s departments were involved in some degree to complete the project.  The Rigging department solved the lowering and raising of the Rib with a clutch and pulley system which made light work of this process, with Fox’s Electronics fitting all of the Wind Generators and associated electronic equipment.

The photographs below show how Martin’s clever design has been brought to life by the superb craftsmanship of Fox’s Stainless team (led by Martin Newlyn) .

Satisfied customer Martin Bevan said….”it has been an absolute pleasure to work with your team over the past 8 months.  Without exception they have been both helpful and enthusiastic in sorting out problems and providing solutions”

….” This real feeling of enthusiasm for the job and pride in the standards achieved goes all of the way through the team from the managers to members of the yard team “

….” Martin Newlyn’s work is prominent on the boat and very much on show.  The stern arch has been much admired both for the design but also for the high quality of construction and attention to detail. “

If you require a custom stainless fabrication of any shape or size please give us a call  +44 (0) 1473 689111

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