There is an increasing demand on Fox’s expertise for repairs and refits on all types of commercial vessels.

Over the years we have specialised in commercial repairs and refits for clients including Harwich Harbour, PLA, Trinity House, Medway Ports, Estuary Services Ltd, Suffolk and Essex Police.

More recently an increasing amount of the repair and refit work has come from Windfarm transfer vessels, mainly catamarans. These vessels come to us because a) we have the capacity to lift them and b) we offer a 24/7 service for emergency repairs and prop clearing etc, whereby we do our utmost to get the vessel back working the following day, even with an engine change.

Our current catchment area for these vessels is from the Humber down and round the coast to Ramsgate.

The clients with these vessels who are using our services on a regular basis are Turbine Transfers, Fastnet Shipping, MPI, North Seas Logistics, Offshore Windpower Marine Services, Windcat Workboats and Fred Olsen Windcarrier.

Our latest refit project, which has just been completed, is for Estuary Services Ltd of Ramsgate on their Pilot vessel Estuary Leader. The vessel was brought to us in late June to be completed by the end of August. We finished the refit on time and on budget and the vessel passed its recent MCA survey and inspection with ‘flying colours’ and zero rectifications required.