Fox’s supports Oyster Yachts’ customers

Boat Refit Yard Oyster 82 Midnight
posted on 15th February 2018 within

Fox’s Marina & Boatyard has enjoyed a close relationship with Oyster Yachts, its staff and customers for over 40 years and we are very sad to see this iconic British yacht brand in Administration.

We understand there has been strong interest in the business from potential new owners and we are optimistic that Oyster will go forward and that Fox’s will continue as their natural home, be it for commissioning, rigging, brokerage or the range of services we traditionally offer for these fine, blue water cruising yachts, both here at Fox’s Marina & Boatyard and wherever in the world they are sailing.

This is a very difficult time for Oyster’s staff and customers and we send our best wishes to them and everyone involved.

Meanwhile, work at Fox’s goes on apace with a number of significant Oyster refits, including three Oyster 56’s Shaya Moya, Osprey and Moana, Oyster 55 True Love, Oyster 53 Crackerjack, Oyster 45 Escapade of London and Oyster 485 Frequent Flyer.

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