Fox’s Rigging – Around The World With The Oyster World Rally Fleet

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The inaugural Oyster World Rally set out from Antigua on 6 January 2013 and the fleet is now heading towards Fiji, having covered some 8,500 nautical miles in the first five months of the 16-month event. Every one of the 27 Oyster yachts taking part in this amazing 27,000-mile voyage of a lifetime, ranging from an Oyster 47 to the magnificent, newly launched Oyster 885, was rigged by the team at Fox’s Rigging, with nearly all the fleet setting sail on their maiden voyage from Fox’s Marina.

To assist the fleet with their preparations for the voyage, Fox’s Rigging organised a hands-on rigging workshop for rally participants as part of Oyster’s pre-rally programme of seminars and events to ensure that owners and skippers were as well-prepared as possible for their adventure.

Meticulous attention to detail is vital when safely rigging a yacht, whether your ambition is to race around the Solent or cruise around the World and here at Fox’s Marina and Boatyard, the Fox’s Rigging team is one of the most experienced and highly skilled in the world. Experts in rigging for all sailing yachts from sailing dinghies to modern blue water cruisers, performance race yachts and classic yachts, Fox’s Rigging services and supplies rigging to yachts all over the world and have re-rigged yachts and stepped masts in countries as far away as Singapore, Malta, Gibraltar, Spain and Hong Kong.

It’s no surprise that Fox’s Rigging is entrusted with supplying and fitting the rigging on all the new yachts built from world-renowned cruising yacht brands such as Oyster and the new British built Gunfleet Yachts.

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